Pachyderm Music Lab

Create genuine sounds and meaningful things to connect and empower the world in the raddest way.

Connect Through Music

and have fun doing it.


Pachyderm Music Lab is a one-of-a-kind

music space that uses music to amplify confidence in folks of all ages.

We do this through group classes like babyPUNK and Lady Rockstars and through private instruction with heart-centered teachers.

Our goal is to instill a love of music in the people that enter our space and to be a hub that uses a shared loved of music to foster connections between humans.


PML Holiday Deals

"Everyone who works there is really sweet, patient, and really good at teaching. I went to learn how to play drums, and I had a bunch of fun at the same time."

-Tate H

High School Student

"Pachyderm Music Lab is really extraordinary! My daughter loves the BabyPunk classes and I cannot sing enough praise for the Lady Rockstars program, too. Truly, Pachyderm Music Lab is a hidden gem in Charlotte and deserves its time to shine!"

-Lacey D.

School Teacher

Private Lessons

$150 for

4 lessons

special holiday offer

Our music school caters the lessons to the individual students so we can best accommidate their learning styles and tap into their love of music.    

  • Learn

    • Guitar​

    • Bass

    • Ukulele

    • Piano

    • Drums

    • Voice

  • Experienced and Passionate teachers are excited to bring more students to our new location in little NoDa!

  • Schedule your lessons on your own time or on a set schedule.

"Best place ever to grow, empower yourself and most of all- jam out!"

-Emily Powell,

Real Estate Agent

"A phenomenal place! I encourage everyone interested in learning music to seek lessons here."

-Mary Ann B,

IT Tech




$100 Class Pass

$29 ea. Regularly / $16 ea. with Class Pass


A kids music class mom and dad can get down with.

  • Expose your kids to safe for little ears music that you won't mind listening to.

  • Ages 0-7

  • Sibling discounts

  • Kids learn music skills like

    • Tempo​

    • Dynamics

    • Pitch

    • Beat

  • Baby Mosh Pits​​

  • Crowd Surfing

  • Temporary Tattoos

  • Fun games created around song lyrics and titles.

  • DIY drum sticks

  • Distorted guitar

  • Lots of movement

  • A great night's sleep after when the kids are worn out from all the fun!

"If you have ever been interested in playing music, well this is your chance! Support a small business that dedicates itself to making a positive difference in our world and learn a new hobby at the same time!"

-Lonna V.


"I’m so happy I found it about Pachyderm Music Lab! I’ve done Babypunk with my 2 and 4 year old a few times and they LOVE IT. Sure beats having to listen to kids music all the time!  I’ve also had the honor of doing Lady Rockstars a couple of times. Before I’ve had no previous experience with guitar and I learned 2 songs in 4 weeks!"

-Rosemary S.

Web Developer

Lady Rockstars


honors system sliding scale

Connect with other rad women for 4 weeks while you learn a couple songs on the instrument of your choice.  

  • Group Instruction

  • Videos to practice at home to created by Krystle Baller

  • Notebooks with lyrics and tabs

  • Learn Guitar or Bass Technique​​

    • Chords​/Notes

    • Different Rhythms

    • Transitions

    • Solos

    • Singing and Playing

  • For complete beginner to intermediate players.​

  • Discover the best way to practice.

  • Unique self reflection activities stimulate great convos with your bandmates.

  • All the knowledge you need to rock with a band in just 4 weeks.

  • Online community to support, encourage and motivate.

"If you haven't visited Pachyderm Music Lab, you are missing out! I have participated in 2 Lady Rockstars classes and the experience I had was amazing! I met cool women, learned to love and play guitar, and got to play a gig with our very own girl band! #bucketlist!"

-Melissa P.

School Principal

"I attended a Lady Rockstars event and it was not what I expected in the best way possible. Not only did we learn to play a song on the guitar, but we all bonded and spoke openly about being women in today's world. It was powerful and I loved every minute of it!"

-Karen M.

Fitness Center Owner

On the Fence?

What makes us different from other music schools?

Playing music should relieve stress, not cause it.  When you look at a lot of the other popular programs, they can be overwhelming. 


Some key differences are:

  • a genuine connection as we tap into emotion and expression.

  • Alternative solutions so EVERYONE can play a song regardless experience.

  • Simple breakdowns of all aspects of a song including solos and singing.

  • Learning HOW to practice.

  • Gentle approach creates space for growth.

  • Music programs for parents and kids that sing to their inner rockstar

  • Motivation to step into your power and use your voice.

  • Pricing and programs that cater to all folks regardless of their socio-economic status

  • A supportive and encouraging  community.

"Super great teachers, amazing price and awesome space!"

-Rachael B.

Professional Speaker

"Lady Rockstars was such fun! What a rush! Channel your inner rockstar and join a class! Krystle is a fantastic teacher and an even better leader in your journey! I had a blast."

-Pam S.


What's the deal with all the girl power?

Women are underrepresented in music and every where else and it’s time to turn the tables.


Music gave Krystle (PML's owner) her power back.

It’s her life’s purpose to spread the word. 


She actually gave a TEDx Talk about it. 


The planet is better when there is a balance of power. It’s been out of whack for far too long and you can help shift women into an awakening.  

"Krystle is one of the most creative people I know! She is providing a wonderfully stimulating learning experience for young and old alike."

-Wendy S.


"Krystle is one of those rare folks who puts their heart and soul out there, creating and sharing, standing naked before the world, hoping that the work that they do will change just one life—just one, and that would make it all worth it. This woman...this warrior, she is changing MANY lives."

-Sarah K.

Writer & Yoga Instructor