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Girls Rock Charlotte is a nonprofit organization that uses music to amplify confidence in ALL girls!  Starting as a week long summer camp in 2014, GRC has been growing ever since!  Girls meet up for monthly Amplify! Workshops, kids camps are available for girls and gender non-conforming youth ages 8-12, teen camps are available for girl identifying teens ages 13-16.  They even offer a Women Rock Retreat.  A three day getaway for women to learn how to play, write their own song with a band, and then perform at the end of the week!

Founder of Pachyderm Music Lab, Krystle Baller, is the Music Director for GRC and after being inspired by the first year of camp, she started Lady Rockstars with the support of her GRC family.  Pachyderm is a direct effect of the power of this amazing organization.

PML is also a gear donation drop off point, if you have any equipment to contribute, please email us and schedule a time for drop off and receive a tax-deductable donation receipt.  You can also click here to donate to the organization directly!

girls, amplify your voice!

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