Pachyderm Kids

I discovered a fun secret that I'd love to share with you!  Your kid doesn't have to drive you insane with the same annoying songs over and over again.  You all can rock out to some quality tunes in a fun and child-friendly way.  Socialize your kids and yourself while your child goes ham jumping in baby mosh pits, getting a sweet temporary tat and has tons of fun playing with all kinds of different instruments.  Krystle Baller rocks out on guitar, bass, drums, keys, and kazoo and encourages everyone to play along. This class is a blast!

Each babyPUNK focuses on a different artist.  

Who: Parents and kids 0-6

When: Every Wednesday at 11am and some Saturdays

Cost: $15 per child, $10 with Class Pass.  

Perks: Siblings $5 each!

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Mom, you want to rock out too?  Take a break from your kids and do something rad.  Checkout Lady Rockstars because mom needs to dream and grow just like her minis.


PML has a variety of day camp options for children ranging from 8-12  in age.  We connect with kids by engaging them in fun activities that peak their interest and make learning an easy and enjoyable process. Quality instructors and experienced community leaders come together to create fun and unique programming.  Join us for some Spring Break and Summertime activities that your kids will talk about for years to come!



Learn how to read rhythm and basic notation in this 4 week class through hands on learning, worksheets, and games.  These classes are private or can be taken with friends around the same grade level.  Krystle caters the classes the each child and keeps them engaged and learning in a fun way!