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Pachyderm Music Lab (PML) is a music school in the Arts District of Charlotte, NC. Our mission is to establish genuine connections through music with our students by providing an encouraging atmosphere.


We recognize that music is a tool we can use to amplify confidence that will be felt in all aspects of our lives.  Our staff of 6 teaches students (ages 5 and up) guitar, bass, ukulele, voice, drums, piano and songwriting.  


We are community partners with Girls Rock Charlotte and an LGBTQIAA safe space.

PML is currently looking for help with administrative work and social media management. This temporary gig would last for 30 days with potential to stay on staff part-time. 10-12 hours of work a month for $150.


Job Description

  • Plan and Implement Social Media posts in order to increase brand awareness, improve Marketing efforts and increase sales.

  • Create/Maintain Spreadsheets for Student Rosters and Teaching Logs

  • Schedule monthly lessons through WIX Bookings

Our Values


Create genuine sounds and meaningful things to connect and empower the world in the raddest way.

​1.  Be genuine in helping others.
Be genuine in your interactions.  Find common ground and create alliances.  When you build real relationships, helping others becomes second nature.

2.  Listen to people and the music they make.
The easiest way to find common ground is to truly listen.  Whatever sound is being produced, hear it.  Stay in the moment and focus on what is being said through words or notes.

3.  Create a space where people feel comfortable getting a little uncomfortable.
Growing as a musician and as a person is not easy.  Mold an environment around you that is one of encouragement and accepting of mistakes, easing people out of their comfort zones and into a place of self-discovery.

4.  Educate people adequately so they can go into the world with confidence.
Start with fundamentals and build lesson plans off of a solid foundation.  Keep a map of lessons learned and milestones achieved and make students aware of their successes.  Acknowledge those accomplishments with the students so they feel inclined to play with and in front of other people.

5.  Be passionate and inspire others to share their gifts.
Ideas turned into actions change the world.  Be a contagious positive force for change.

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